Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I need to cancel an outing that I have posted?

If you need to cancel your outing for whatever reason please try to do it as soon as possible. Deleting the outing from your editing option will delete the outing from the Outings Board. If you have already had interest in your outing from respondees then please ‘politely decline’ them as well.

What happens if I cannot make an outing that has already been confirmed?
Don’t worry! If you have exchanged contact details privately then please message your companion directly as soon as you can.

If no private contact details have been exchanged please return to the outings conversation you had with your companion on the website and leave a message. An email will be sent to them asking your companion to check the website and the conversation thread left there.

If you are the ‘applicant’ to the outing you should also press the ‘politely decline’ button.

How many companions can apply for the same outing?

Seven companions at any one time can apply for the same outing.

However, if you ‘politely decline’ any of these applicants ‘a space’ becomes available for a new companion to apply. If you change your mind upon applying for an outing you can simply press the ‘politely decline’ button.

What happens when the limit for the number of companions is reached in an outing?

The invitation will be coloured in white. It will feature a grey label with the words “Limit Reached”. No one can join this outing until someone is politely declined or drops out. 

What do the labels and different colour invitations mean on the Outings Board?

The meanings for all the different coloured invitations and labels on the Outings Board can be found by visiting our sample outings board.

Can I edit the outing I’ve posted?

Yes! If you wish to edit an outing, click on the “Edit” link and then change any details you wish. Click submit to save. If you are talking to someone about that specific outing, please remember to let them know via the online messaging service. However, they will be sent an email and onsite notification that the details have been changed.

Can someone I've politely declined as an applicant on my outings re-apply?

There is nothing to stop someone re-applying but there is no obligation to choose them. You will need to ‘politely decline’ them again. 

Am I able to block someone if I’m made to feel uncomfortable by them for whatever reason?

Yes you can. Navigate to their profile by clicking on their profile image. Click on the “block” button, select the reason and click “Block”. 

What does "following" someone mean?

Once you have been on an outing with someone you have a chance to “follow” them. This will allow you to keep informed and recieve notifications on the outings they post. Simply navigate to their profile page by going to your previous conversation and clicking on their profile picture. You will see a “Follow” button. Click this and you will be notified everytime they post an outing. They will not know you are “following” them.

How am I notified if my companion can't make the outing we have previously set up?
If you have already shared contact details your companion may let you know directly.
If you haven’t shared any private contact details then he/she will leave a message on your private message thread and an e mail alert will be sent to you to check your notifications on the website.
Can I accept more than one companion for the same outing?

It isn’t possible to accept more than one person per outing. 

I would like to leave feedback about my experiences on JUST GOOD COMPANY. How can I do this?
Thank you! You can leave any feedback by emailing us at
Have you considered the accessibility of the website?
Yes. In relation to W3C WCAG 2.0 Guidelines, we have endeavoured to ensure our website is operable and understandable for disabled users (including visually impaired users). Consideration has been given to type sizing and colours, the use of alt tags for images and by maximising the amount of real text versus raster graphics, making the content available to screen-reading software applications. We would welcome any feedback on how we can continue to improve our website’s accessibility.
How do I message someone online after an outing with them, or after the outing time has past?
You may message someone up to 2 hours after the outing start time. Find the outing in “past” outings, in My Outings. Click on the details tab to go back to the messaging-thread.


I have forgotten my LOGIN DETAILS. How do I find them?

Easy! Just click on the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD link, complete the simple form and we’ll email you a reminder of your username and a link that allows you to reset your password

How do I LOG OUT?
You can log out from every page on the site by selecting the profile icon (at the top right of the page)
A drop-down box will appear and select LOG OUT from the options.
Can I change my username?

Your Username is auto-generated to include your first name, and a designated number simply as a reference.


Can I register without a photo even if I have written more than 120 words?

Yes you can, however it may improve your chances of finding a companion if you do. 

How do I upload a photo?

You need to write a minimum of 120 words about your authentic-self in order for your photo to be uploaded onto the website. 

Once you have written your profile of 120 words or more, you can then add the photograph to your profile. Click the “Change Profile Photo” tab and you can then use your computer camera or upload one of your choice

If I upload my photo and I don't like it, can I change it?

Yes! You can change your profile photo at any time by navigating to your profile and clicking on the “Change Profile Picture” tab. We ask that all profiles images uploaded are recent pictures of your authentic self and recommend they be no older that 4 weeks.

How can I change my profile write-up?

Go to your profile and you’ll see an “Edit” tab. Update the information you wish to change and then click “Save Changes”.


How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription within 14 days of the start date. If you cancel after the 14-day-window the term of that subscription will run. In order to cancel, go to SETTINGS and under account/subscriptions click on CANCEL.

If you have any further problems please do not hesitate to contact us at

Why are my payment details not accepted?

Please check you have entered your payment details correctly the first time round and if you are still experiencing difficulty please contact your bank directly for help.

How do I pay for my subscription?
We offer a secure credit card payment facility. Alternatively, you can pay using your PayPal account.
Why was my subscription automatically renewed?

When your initial subscription term expires, we AUTOMATICALLY RENEW your subscription each month (depending on your initial subscription selection) at the rate you were previously charged, unless you choose a different SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE or cancel your subscription prior to the date.

What is the cancellation notice I need to give in order to cancel my account?

You can cancel your subscription at any point but you will still be charged the full subscription rate if this cancellation occurs during the subscription period. You have 14 days to cancel from the start of your subscription without any charge. 

I thought I had cancelled my account but I am still being charged. What can I do?

Email us at and we will try to resolve your problem within 72 hours.

What does it cost to subscribe to JUST GOOD COMPANY?
We offer a range of competitive subscription packages. Please visit our subscriptions page for details.
I have not used all my subscription and want to delete my profile. Will I be refunded the balance?

No, unused portions of a subscription are generally not refundable. Deleting your profile will result in your unused subscription being lost.

Code of Conduct

Is my privacy respected?
Yes. We will never give your details to other subscribers or use your details for any purpose without your prior consent.

For full details please visit our PRIVACY NOTICE.

I am concerned about the conduct of a user on the site, what should I do?

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us by email at


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