“Go off-line; you will find a better connection”.

Just Good Company is about making more of those “real-life” connections.

Social media, and technology generally, have become a big part of our lives in lockdown. We have been living a lot of our lives on-line. As the world starts opening up we are going to be making the big, and for some of us, scary move from living on-line to off-line.

We will be moving from one-dimensional relationships to real, three-dimensional ones. They require a lot more of us. They ask us to be real, and to make an effort. But from that we will receive much more satisfaction and happiness, health and wellness.

In an interview with Professor Tim Bono PhD (expert in psychological health and happiness), centring around the negative effects of social media as a form of connection, he explores the inauthentic relationships constructed there.

Through technology, it is easier than ever to communicate and connect, but ironically, loneliness is increasing. If “connection” is based on “Media Personas” it is not authentic.

“Media Personas” focus a lot on what Professor Tim Kasser calls “Junk Values”: Social Status, Financial Success, Physical Appearance.

With Just Good Company you will have picked your companion hopefully based on who they are and their interests before how they look. That will be a very good start!

Just Good Company could be your training-ground for getting back to Reality! Just dip your toe in with a little meet-up with a new person and see how it feels. You might be pleasantly surprised how easy it can be.

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