What happens next?

You will receive email and onsite notifications when there are any alerts on outings you have posted or applied for. It is up to you to check for further companions showing interest.

You will see who has “applied” when you go into My Outings.

You will be able to click on their profile and read about them.

When you have had a maximum of 7 companions applying, your outing on the board will go to white and be labelled Limit Reached, while you choose one companion and go to private messaging to discuss details. Of course you may have decided on a companion before the limit is reached. In that case your outing will show Sharing Details, and Waiting For Your Company (as the limit isn’t reached).

The Messaging facility is simply for discussion of details and making sure it suits both of you. If you wanted to exchange mobile numbers to discuss then that is up to you and at your own risk.

If you decide that maybe it is not going to work for either of you during discussion, for whatever reason, just be honest and let them know.

If you decide after confirmation that the outing isn’t going to work out for you, then please go back to the messaging service and let the other party know. They will receive an email notification to check their messages on the website.

Your other companions will be “on hold”, until a decision is reached, so you can go to them and pick another one, if necessary.

When you have made a decision, it is courteous to click the “Politely Decline” button for those you haven’t picked, to let them know, and the “Confirmed” button for the one you have.

After the outing, if you did like them, you may decide to “Follow” that person so you will get private notifications of their future outings which you could apply for, with no obligation on their side or yours.

Enjoy your Outing and


Delivered by Diagonal


Delivered by Diagonal