“We are hardwired to connect with others. It is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives”

– Brene Brown

Connecting with others benefits us emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Studies have been done which prove the links between human connection and health.

Helen Stokes-Lampard, chair of the Royal College of GP’s, says “Social isolation and loneliness are akin to a chronic long-term condition in terms of the impact they have on our patients’ health and well-being”.

Not connecting with other humans also limits our lives.  We thrive on sharing ideas and opinions.  Apart from being good for our brains, it expands our view of the world.

Dr Vivek Murthy, author of “Together:  The Healing Power of Human Connection in a sometimes Lonely World” writes of the importance of being connected to yourself before you can meaningfully connect to another.

When we know our true value we can connect to others without needing validation.  We then have a willingness to really listen to others as we are comfortable being ourselves and forget about how we look or sound.  That creates genuine connection.

It is also proven that genuine connection has the power to heal emotional wounds and trauma.  It is that powerful. 

We need three types of connection in order to thrive:  Intimate or emotional (with an intimate partner or close confidante), Relational/Social (with supportive, good quality friendships), and Collective (with a network or community who have a shared sense of purpose and interests).

The world has been showing us in many ways how we need to bring ourselves back to re-connection on every level: social, emotional, physical, psychological and societal.  This is our chance.  We are starting in small ways and getting bigger as we get braver.  Now is the time!

Even if we start small with one connection with a new person it could have a wonderful domino-effect, spreading the “feel-good” and encouraging others to be brave and do the same.

In the words of Dr Murthy, “If we build connected lives we make it possible to build a connected world”.

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